Eco-Unlimited Generator

Pitch Black Design (2018)

Our Design firm was tasked with redesigning a generator optimized for rapid deployment. In addition our design firm was specifically tasked with looking at this project through an environmentally conscious lens while designing this generator. 

Highlighting how our generator is rapidly deployable is important. In just a few simple steps the Eco-Unlimited generator is set up and ready to be put to use. 

The rotational molded gas tank has a solar panel mounted with a rubber gasket above it. There is a hole in the center of the gas tank allowing the wiring to run from the solar panel down to the rest of the electronics in the generator.  

Considering the environment, our deign firm worked to create a "All in one" piece in our generator. This cast piece acts as the legs, handles for carrying, cord wrap, engine mount, gas tank mount, and the mounting for the interface panel. In addition the same mold is used on both sides of the generator. 

The Design process

The generator passed through many iterations throughout the design process with parts such as the handles and legs consistently getting refined 

SolidWorks orthographic drawings for the last model before the final design