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Capstone (2020)

CIBO is an all inclusive portable prep and cleanup station designed to increase the linear workflow in the kitchen. CIBO acts as a prep station, a drying rack, and also has a slim profile that allows it to be stored away in or out of the kitchen. 

cibo for wix 22.png
cibo for wix 25.png
cibo for wix 24.png
cibo for wix 27.png
new cibo for wix.png
cibo for wix 29.png
cibo for wix 28.png

The Design process

design process for capstone for wix
capstone digital sketch .png

The design process started with sketching kitchen-kits for all sorts of different scenarios. Every kitchen was considered such as dorm kitchens, outdoor kitchens, and even RV kitchens.

After settling on an idea involving flat-packing, blue foam was used to construct mockups. 

The following photos show the first iteration of CIBO in blue foam roughly to scale. After the foam model, I moved to modeling CIBO in  CAD. 

Version 1

CIBO would pass through four rounds of CAD before the final version

Version 2

Version 3

Version 3 would be the first to integrate the drying rack feature the would eventually be seen in the final design of CIBO

Version 4 would refine the drying feature and add temporary silicone feet on the base

Version 4

The fourth version only needed minor refinements, and a new splash of color before the final design was complete.

Final Design

The design process shown here is only a fraction of what went into designing CIBO. If you would like to see the entire design process more in-depth, you can click the button and download the entire process book. It is intended to be viewed as a two page spread.