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Legerro is a decorative sconce that gives freedom to position light however the user desires. Designed to be placed together in a cluster, Legerro works as decorative accent lighting in any space.  

black shiny.png

The leaf-like shades of Legerro are able to be positioned in different orientations with bearings in the base of the main body. Thie allows for abstract movement of light along a wall or surface

Three light shades that are different sizes cover the LED's in Legerro. These shades conceal light going outward, and help to direct light on to the wall. They can be positioned in different orientations to change the effect on the wall.  

The driver for the LED's are housed in the casework of the main body. The driver is secured into place with ribbing and a perforated cover to allow airflow. 

The LED's are mounted as COB's. They are housed in a subassembly with a diffuser panel and a bearing at the bottom which allows for the adjustment of the direction of light

legerry exploded LED housing .png

The casework for the LED housing acts as housing for the LED's, diffuser, bearing, and the wires from the main body run through the bottom of this casework to connect to the LED's. Additionally this part has snaps to mount the lighting shaded on the upper part of the body.