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Tetraflare is a rechargeable roadside flare designed to be splash proof and hold a rating of IP65. Modeled after tetrapods, tetraflare keeps the user safe on the side of the road, and visible in the night.

tetrapods structure photo.jpg

Tetrapods are used off the coast to prevent erosion from the current brushing up on the shore. Similar to how tetrapods keep the shore safe, tetra flare acts to keep the user safe and visible when stuck on the side of the road. 

An overmoulded base and upper silicone covering help keep water from getting in the casework, and help Tetraflare hold an IP65 rating.

In an effort to not compromise on the overall form of Tetraflare the over-moulded corner pieces would be made using a cam. additionally the over-moulded base has a lip that sits inside of the upper casework ensuring no water is able to get inside

exploded tetraflare-01.png
tetraflare in context .png