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Adidas Exhibit Space

for Sparks (2018)

 This year's sprint project was to focus on collaboration spaces that are easy to assemble and break down. Each group was assigned a different client to design this exhibit space for. My group's client was Adidas. For our project we focused on how projection mapping enhances modular collaboration spaces. 

sprint photoshop final .jpg

The setting of the exhibit is a 2 day corporate conference. The first day is catered to Adidas reps, while the second day the exhibit is open to all attendees. 

 Day 1: Exhibit open to Adidas team

enviuronment with shoe displays in middl
enviuronment with seats in middle.2.png
enviuronment 1.29.png
enviuronment with no cubes in middle.2.p

Shown above are variations of the exhibit that are able to change throughout the day. The cubes shown are lightweight, and easy to move. These cubes can be used as product displays, seating, or used as the backdrop of the bar to leave a large open space for collaboration 

Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.43.52

Projection Mapped shoe

By combining physical product and projection mapping there is the possibility for any image, video, or effect to be shown on a 3D surface. 3D mapping also allows for specific aspects of a product to be brought to the foreground.


Plus foam cubes are used throughout the exhibit in variety of ways. Plus foam is a recyclable material that is easily stackable, inexpensive to ship, cheap to purchase, and simple to manufacture. 

 Day 2: Exhibit open to the public

sprint photoshop final .jpg
business cards adidas .14.png

Business cards holders are passed out at the green bar, with the encouragement to network. If four business cards are collected and brought to the bar, attendees are rewarded with a free drink. 

Adidas bins are placed around the conference in place of the existing recycle bins. After an item is placed inside, the recycle bin will dispense a business card thanking the attendee, and encouraging them to come to the Adidas booth to learn how to get a free drink. 

The Design process

The ideation process began with post-it notes and lost of questions trying to determine what people wanted to get out of their experience in this exhibit

recycle bin sketches .png

Sketches determining the final form of the recycling bin

sketches for layouts sprint .png

Sketches of the exhibit space from a top down view. 

sprint photoshop final .jpg