For: Lyn Godley Design Studio with Jefferson's Womens Rowing Team (2019)


This project was an exploration 

of the movement and reflection of light on water, highlighting a dynamic display of lights in harmony with synchronized strokes of the

rowing team. 

Videos provided by Lyn Godley and Charlie Griffin

Long exposure photography techniques were used to capture these images 

Sketches started the design process for this project, and were used as a tool to help determine where and how the lights would be placed on the oars. 

The Design process

After determining how the lights would be attached to the oars, long exposure photography was used to determine the number of lights to be used. After this an oar lock was designed and the lights were tested in a pool to visualize the effect. 

The effect was spot on, and the next step was to design the clips that would house the LEDs and all of the rest of the components.

The final step was to test these clips on the oars that were going to be used. A variety of tolerances were tested to ensure the clips would stay pressure-fit to the blades.

The final step was to wire everything up on all of the oars.